CSAT and user adoption rate improvement via:

Surveys and action points based on the assessment results

Training materials for users

Compliance with industry standards

Regulatory compliance reports

Cost-effective user support

Unified communication

Phone system & VoIP solutions

Choosing the right phone system starts with determining your business collaboration needs and matching them with the right technology. Depending on your business environment, you may want a system that unifies communications beyond just a standard phone call, including Instant Messaging, video conferencing etc.

Phone & Video Conferencing

Simplify your communications with flexible business conferencing solutions.

Improving Collaboration & Communication

Leverage business technology for easy communication and seamless collaboration. We provide consulting and installation of many communication and collaboration tools including video conferencing, phone systems, web portals, systems integrations, and more. We’ll identify what tools work best with your current business systems and help to achieve your operational goals.

Increased IT services and infrastructure efficiency supported by:

  • Network diagrams
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Configuration management database
  • Implementation plan for infrastructure improvements
  • Documented operating procedures